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Allow "App_Start" function without requiring window title

  • simonplant
  • simonplant's Avatar Topic Author
15 Jan 2015 14:14 #2302 by simonplant
We have both a dynamic application (window title changes) so I just want to launch it at the start of a test run and just let it close when the session logs out. Right now I can't do this without knowing the window title.

The request is the ability to start arbitary applications in a session without needing window title.

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15 Jan 2015 16:50 #2305 by o.bouhaj
We have several ways:

1= App_Start("", "", "", "", "")

Example: App_Start("WinWordOffice", "", "%VSI_Userhome%\UserEdit.doc", "Title", "UserEdit")

Explanation: Start App("<logname>", "", "<file-location>\<file-name>", "<search-for-title>", "<t-itle-name>")
Works when FTA is functional.

2= App_Start("", "", "", "", "", "", "")

Example: App_Start("Notepad", "c:\windows\system32", "notepad.exe", "Title", "Notepad", "Some text found in the document or app", "H:\document.txt")

Explanation: Start App("<logname>", "<folder-location>", "<file-executable-name>", "<search-for-title>", "<t-itle-name>, "<search-for-specific-text>", "<start-app-from-file-location>\<file-name>")

It is not required to use each Parameters.

For example in your case:
App_Start("WinWordOffice", "", "%VSI_Userhome%\UserEdit.doc", "Title", "")
App_Start("WinWordOffice", "", "%VSI_Userhome%\UserEdit.doc", "", "")
App_Start("Notepad", "c:\windows\system32", "notepad.exe", "Title", "", "", "H:\document.txt")
App_Start("Notepad", "c:\windows\system32", "notepad.exe", "", "", "", "H:\document.txt")
App_Start("Notepad", "c:\windows\system32", "notepad.exe", "", "", "", "")

You can, depending if you want to close it the normal way or not, keep it open until a user logs out when the user finishes it workload, or, use (depending on the version of the tool)
VSI_KillProcess("<logname>", "<appname>.exe").
Example: VSI_KillProcess("Notepad", "notepad.exe")

Because if there is 'no' window to focus on - there is unfortunately no other option to gracefully close it.

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  • simonplant
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16 Jan 2015 09:53 #2306 by simonplant
Thanks Omar,
Then its a problem with the documentation on www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Workload_...ence_Guide#App_Start

The App Start call has this as the syntax:
App_Start("Logname ", " Working directory", " Executable or full path", " Window search mode", "Window title ", ["Window content "], ["Command line parameters"])

It is common practice to use [ ] to show optional parameters. Since [ ] are only used on the Window Content and Command line Params, it infers only those are optional and all other parameters are required, hence my request above.

If [ ] is not used to show optional parameters, perhaps you could explain what they are used for in the documentation please?


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