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select a fileshare to install VSIShare....

  • itilv3
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19 Jan 2015 14:13 #2308 by itilv3
I shared the bits on our file server en from shared location "\\fileserver\vsishare"trying to install first "1. Dataserver setup" but can not find the share in dropdown list. Why I cannot type the share path name? dropdown list is empty. Is there any registery hack or other option that populate drop down list?

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19 Jan 2015 16:00 #2309 by o.bouhaj

Can you run the setup locally on the machine that hosts the VSIshare self?
Or are there dependencies?

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  • itilv3
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20 Jan 2015 08:36 #2311 by itilv3
Hi Omar. Yes I can run the installation locally. If I create a share on management server (locally) I can see the share, but if I create the share on other server (other IP range en other vlan) I can not see the share. I also tried to run the setup from other server that is in the same IP range and in the same vlan, still I can't see the share. on the servers network discovery is ON. As our file servers are 2012 R2 CORE, I can not start the installation on file server. for me I solved the problem for time being. but it is strange that we can not pot the share name self and we have to use drop down list.
wat I did to solve the problem, I created a sybmlink on management server referring the share on file server. Then I shared the symblink. This way I can see the share and installation is completed. after installation I corrected any reference to synblink to file share. (shortcuts and other referring in the management console).
This way I am able to complete the installation.

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20 Jan 2015 10:51 #2314 by o.bouhaj

This is intended and by design. We recommend running the Setup on a local server OS that is going to be used as the FS for the data. However, there is a CMD command installer to setup the share for and on any other storage layers, this can be done via:

Supported parameters:

-s \\server\vsishare
The s parameter indicates that the setup should run in silent mode. When using silent mode the setup will expect the VSIshare location to be specified along with the s parameter. A silent setup will not show any indication of starting, progressing and ending the setup. It is completely silent.

The i parameter indicates that the setup should ignore the server operating system requirement. This allows the data server setup to be ran from a desktop operating system. Keep in mind that running a VSIshare from a desktop operating system is not recommended because a desktop operating system has a limited amount of file server connections that are allowed.

The qb paramter is only usable in combination with the s parameter. The qb parameter will run the installer with a minimum GUI.

The ns paramter is only usable in combination with the qb paramter. Using the ns parameter will cause the installer not to install shortcuts

Note, keeping in mind that the SessionMonitor is ran via and through UNC path to the VSIshare destination.

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  • itilv3
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20 Jan 2015 11:46 #2315 by itilv3
Thanks Omar, I cleaned the installation and installed it again with -s \\fileserver\sharename hoping to get the results, as I am not getting the vsimax. After the installation I am running a new test with one useer

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