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LoginVSI Fatal error --> Time Out Reacher Pressing File Open

  • a_aaron
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01 Apr 2015 05:11 #2410 by a_aaron
Hi Team,

LoginVSI 4.1.3 pro
XenApp (v7.6) Server - 2k12r2 with 24GB RAM & 8 vCPU
4 Launchers with 8GB RAM & 4 vCPU

I launched 120 Sessions & at the end 109 were logged off. If I checked VSIMax Its reached to 74 & 8 was stucked. I dont get this calculation.
And If I checked the stucked session they have this error: LoginVSI Fatal Error, Timeout reached pressing File open & fileopen window open in background.

Why is this & If its ok if i conclude something based on this VSIMax.


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01 Apr 2015 08:44 #2411 by o.bouhaj

Can you elaborate more on "I don't get this calculation" . Did you expect a different outcome, did you ran more than at least 5 tests and avg them out?
Can you sent us the logfolder via support[at]loginvsi[dot]com? This will help us in determine the right config and outcome of the results.

You can find the raw data in the VSIshare. Under `_VSI_Logfiles` you will find folders for every test you have ran. Please zip the entire folder corresponding to this test and send it to us.


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