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normal License file won't take

  • CraigHin
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03 Apr 2015 11:55 #2415 by CraigHin
CraigHin created the topic: License file won't take
Hello i wonder if anyone can help, i have recently setup Login VSI on 2012 R2 when i try to apply the license file it copies it over but goes no further.

within the license file it states
Version number: 400

And i have installed 4.12

Attached is a screen grab although it doesn't really tell you a great deal

Thanks in advance

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03 Apr 2015 12:11 #2416 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: License file won't take

It looks like your S&M expired.
Can you contact support[at]loginvsi[dot]com and attach the license file.
That we can help you determine what to do and help accordingly.

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  • CraigHin
  • CraigHin's Avatar Topic Author
03 Apr 2015 12:14 #2417 by CraigHin
CraigHin replied the topic: License file won't take
Thank you, i had literally just downloaded it again and this time it seems to of taken, the files look the same but the first time i did this it was via a mac which just gave me a raw lic file, i downloaded the file from a Windows machine this time and that came down as a .zip which i extracted and seems to of applied perfectly fine.

Not sure why that would make any difference but it fixed it for me

thanks for the prompt response

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