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LoginVSI not starting the workload on Windows 7 desktop

  • andymc
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09 Apr 2015 19:46 - 09 Apr 2015 19:49 #2418 by andymc

I am currently working with 1000 VMware Horizon View 6.0.1 desktops and LoginVSI, however for some reason, LoginVSI is not being able to start the workload in the desktops. I can see my launchers opening connections with VMware VIew desktops without any problems, but the workload never starts!
Screenshot is attached!
Any help is really appreciated!


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10 Apr 2015 13:10 #2421 by o.bouhaj

Usually this indicates that the logon script did not kick-in.
Can you troubleshoot this via: www.loginvsi.com/blog/314-troubleshootin...ren-t-doing-anything
Keep us posted.

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