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Launcher wont start active session

  • franskwee
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27 Apr 2015 12:11 #2452 by franskwee

I got issue on my testing environment, there is no active session run in every test. I changed window framework but still it launch the sessions but no active session.

My environment :
- Login VSI 4.1.3 on Windows 2012 R2
- Launcher on Windows 7-64 bit
- Horizon View 6

In my launcher I install View Client 3.3.
And I tried to check on %temp%\VSI, there are many logs but no runtime.

Could you help to help?
I will try to.upload the launcher logs and some screenshot from my test

Many thanks

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28 Apr 2015 08:46 #2455 by o.bouhaj

If you see no user activity during the test that likely means the logon.cmd script did not ran.
Can you please follow the steps described here: www.loginvsi.com/blog/314-troubleshootin...ren-t-doing-anything

And keep us posted?


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  • franskwee
  • franskwee's Avatar Topic Author
28 Apr 2015 13:17 #2456 by franskwee
Hi Omar,

Thank you for your response. I found out the issue, on the connection command line, I need to put the -desktopName with Desktop Pool.
On my View configuration, Desktop Pool ID is different from the Desktop Pool Display Name, while the parameter should be Desktop Pool Display Name.
That's why somehow the Launcher wont start the logon command.

Another question, if I want have parallel session, is it could be done with 1 launcher only? or I should setup multiple launcher with same number of parallel session?
For example if I want to test 20 session in parallel mode, I need 20 launcher.
Thanks in advanced

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