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Need help, plz~ Cannot pass launcher check

  • Oscar
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25 May 2015 04:57 #2493 by Oscar
Hi guys,

I am doing a POC now, and stuck in "launcher check". The status of launcher check is "waiting".

I have tried:
1. using IP address and domain name to define a launcher.
2. run agent.exe script automatically and manually.
3. run monitor.exe on launcher server or vsishare server.
4. login launcher to write a file to share folder, and it works.

Please give me some hint to locate the problem, many thanks.

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26 May 2015 08:13 #2521 by t.willemsen
Hello Oscar,

Can you tell us which version of Login VSI you are running and have you tried this:

The hostname method is the best practice method of connecting launchers. Make sure you can ping the hosts and double check if the names are correctly configured. IT seems like this might be the issue.

Can you also have a look at the security tab for the NTFS based permissions and share permissions as a double check? The launcher check works like this:

The repeating text Informing MMC that launcher "Launcher1" is ready is the launcher trying to remove \\vsishare\server\_VSI_Configuration\_LauncherStatus\Prep\Launcher1.txt. It keeps checking to see if the file is there and trying to remove it. Every time it does it prints Informing MMC that launcher "Launcher1" is ready to the console. Hence my comment that it is unable to delete files from the file share.

Let us know!

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  • Oscar
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26 May 2015 14:33 #2522 by Oscar
Thanks. I used hostname instead of domain name, and it works. :-)

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