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The Window Excel1 did not appear quiting workload

  • Andrew_Dell
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03 Jun 2015 14:28 #2523 by Andrew_Dell
Hi guys.
I am seeing this error :The window Excel1 did not appear quiting workload. Login VSI will stop executing.

I am running 250 user medium test runs and this error starts to occur after approx 130 sessions are active. By the end of the test approx 1/3 of the sessions have this error. I am running RDSH dekstop sessions and there is only approx 50% load on the CPU no network or memory issues. The medium workload I am using had been slightly modified to fix a flash game issue where the flash game was unable to quit (I have used this workload many times in the past with no problems)

Login VSI Version

My colleague Yinglong also logged this as an issue in the past but didnt receive an update.


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03 Jun 2015 17:53 #2525 by o.bouhaj
Hi Andrew,

We are aware of this issue and have a fix for it.
Would you be so kind to send an email to our regular support form?


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