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LoginVSI Tests: EventID: 1050 on Terminalserver: connection validation fail

  • gellerth
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22 Jun 2015 15:01 - 22 Jun 2015 15:03 #2540 by gellerth

since two weeks I have problems with automatic tests with LoginVSI, but only with one Citrix Terminalserver. I have one delivery group with one terminalserver. When I start the automatic workload via LoginVSI, I try to connect 20 Users from different Clients against the delivery group. First everything is fine. I see the Storefront Page, the automatism clicks the ressource (Desktop). He try to connect on terminalserver. Then the session disconnect. Only one between five users connected successful. Sometimes no user.

When I choose another Delivery Group with another Terminalserver as target. Everything is fine. I connected 20 Users automatically.

I checked Netscaler Protocol, Storefront Events and GPO. I checked also RDS CAL/Citrix licenses. Both Terminalserver are in the same infrastructure. The only reference Point is an Event ID for every stucked session on the Problem Terminalserver:

EventID: 1050 - Source: Citrix Desktop Service - Connection Validation failed on Domain <domainname> for user <username>. Reason Deny

Sorry, I think it's more a Citrix Problem then Problem of LoginVSI. But we only have this Situation with LoginVSI tests. Maybe someone has a solution.

Thanks in regards


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23 Jun 2015 11:48 #2542 by t.willemsen
Hello Gellerth,

What if you manually connect to the storefront and login with a LoginVSI test user. Does this show you the same issues as the automation does? A quick search on the internet told me this: "broker's registration limit is reached". Can you check if there are enough licenses, and if the broker has enough capacity to add more users to the environment?

I am not sure if this is the issue but let us know the results.

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  • gellerth
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23 Jun 2015 14:19 #2544 by gellerth
I connected manually to the storefront with the same LoginVSI test users. Manually it works fine. I also checked the Delivery Controller for Licenses. We have enough licenses and the Broker has enough capacity.

Maybe we have Problem with the Script SFLauncher.ps1 yet

powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File {VSISHARE}\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\SFLauncher.ps1 -SiteURL "url" -UserName {CSV_User} -Password {CSV_Password} -resource "resource"

Tomorrow I will examine the Windows Updates. Maybe there is a difference between the Terminalservers.


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24 Jun 2015 09:03 #2546 by t.willemsen
Hello HG,

The most important thing to find now is, did it ever work without issues. If so, what changed during this time. Configurations, different protocol, new users. Anything can be a lead.

This might sound too simple, but have you tried rebooting both Storefront, the Delivery Controller and the target host?

Have you seen this post? discussions.citrix.com/topic/356989-citr...r-opens-then-closes/ .

Let us know!

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  • gellerth
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02 Sep 2015 09:45 #2607 by gellerth
I'm sorry for my late answer. We had a problem with a citix service account. When we fixed it and restarted the infrastructure, everthing works fine.


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