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Active Sessions less than Logon Sessions

  • MarkC
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29 Jun 2015 13:33 #2551 by MarkC
I am new to Login VSI and am running my first tests. Thought I had everything set up correctly, but, I am running a test with 60 sessions and never get the Active sessions above 45. (see attached screenshot). They launch but do not start the workload.
Login VSI Pro v4.1.3.1493
Launchers are Windows 8 with 4gb RAM and 2 vcpu
Test is 60 sessions, launch window of 2880
Also note that once the test finishes it will log off the 45 active sessions but not the 15 that didn't start the workload.
Any ideas?


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30 Jun 2015 08:33 #2552 by j.volkers
Hi Mark,

Can you send the log files from this test to us? You can find these files at the following location "\\<fileserver>\VSIshare\_VSI_Logfiles"
Please send them to support@loginvsi.com so we can help you find out what's going on.

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  • MarkC
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30 Jun 2015 08:52 #2553 by MarkC
Have just mailed a .zip of one of the tests to support@loginvsi.com


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