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normal Large number of stuck sessions

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10 Jul 2015 01:15 - 10 Jul 2015 01:16 #2568 by
created the topic: Large number of stuck sessions
Login VSI Version: 4.1.3
Test system: Citrix XenDesktop (Pooled Random desktops).
Operating system version target: Windows 7 SP1
Operating system version launcher(s): Windows 8.1 Update 1 (SFConnect.exe)
Office version target: Office 2013

I seem to be running into a large number of stuck sessions for some of my test runs. Interestingly, when I retried the test for the same # of sessions, the test completes successfully (no stuck sessions). Please refer to the attached logs.

Looking at the failed runs,
  • Using Login VSI Analyzer. I see a Stuck sessions tab listing the stuck sessions, but no reason mentioned there.
  • Browsing the VSI Share. The Debug directory is empty (I suppose this gets populated only when I turn on Engine/Workload debugging?) Also, the Monitor directory indicates all sessions for the run were able to log off successfully.

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10 Jul 2015 17:34 #2569 by j.hsieh
j.hsieh replied the topic: Large number of stuck sessions
Hi ps.shyam,

So there is a high number of stuck sessions and there is nothing in the debug. As you mentioned, you will need to enable the Engine and Workload debugging and run the test again to be able to get more information, as there is not enough for us to go off of currently.

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27 Aug 2015 19:13 #2605 by
replied the topic: Large number of stuck sessions
Although the issue seems to be reproducible in my environment, it is limited to first time user login only. Hence this hasn't been a blocking issue. Note that we do not run the createprofile pass, as we run Login VSI tests using automation. When we encounter a scenario such as the above, we just repeat the same # of users. On repitition, the issue does not manifest.

I do not have the the Engine and Workload debug logs at the moment. Will update this thread when I get some free cycles to run the debug iterations. Thank you.

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