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lot of Session Error messages --all of a sudden - from a working test setup

  • sveerabh
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13 Jul 2015 00:45 - 13 Jul 2015 00:46 #2570 by sveerabh

We have a licensed Login VSI setup with VMware Horizon View, which we have been using it for last one year with out any issues.
We have been using 1510 Windows 7 as desktops and using LoginVSI to generate load on them. We pretty much use this environment almost every week.

All of a sudden, we see a lot of session error messages, and also not all the active sessions are logging out.

We are seeing more than 300 of the following sessions error messages,
2015-07-12 20:24:43,Starting VSIWarning routine
2015-07-12 20:24:43,AELookupSvc is not running, this might cause isses and is not recommended: support.microsoft.com/kb/902196 [/b]

Appreciate any direction to troubleshoot this issue .


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13 Jul 2015 10:14 #2571 by t.willemsen
Hello Sir,

The AELookupSvc can safely be ignored when using anything else than Windows XP. Since you are using Windows 7 this is simply a warning and can be ignored. However the issues with the sessions not logging out can be a problem. Did you see within the session what is blocking them? Might it be that its stating that applications are blocking logoff, since this is a common issue. This can be resolved by going to the "Management Console > Workload > Settings" tab and change the value at "Logoff Action" change to "shutdown /l /f".

Let me know if this changes anything, in my experience the sessions should not fail to logoff when AELookupSvc is not enabled.

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  • sveerabh
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14 Jul 2015 16:54 #2574 by sveerabh

We were not seeing these session error messages for last one year and all of a sudden started seeing them during the test.
In addition to that,
We have 1510 launched sessions and 1510 active sessions, but after 2880 + 120 seconds, we don't see all those sessions logging off, the way it used to be...
When I looked at few of the launchers on the active sessions.....we saw the session was sitting at the Print wizard like the one I have attached..


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