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Script Customization for 3rd party apps or "Record button" for user action

  • trmish
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06 Aug 2015 09:41 - 06 Aug 2015 09:57 #2588 by trmish
Hi Everyone!
I'm newbie on Load testing.
Our customer wants to test his VDI infrastructure. He says that typycal office worker (Word, Exel, Outook) test doesn't compliance his expectations. Customer wants to add some 3rd party self-coded applications. For Example scenario "Working in HR dep Database" inside VDI test. with user action, entering text, updating data.

I feel that I haven't such expirience in coding or deep customization scenarios. I read your Language reference. And it's seems to me so complex. Like coding step by step Mouse_Position x,y; MouseClick... etc

For alternative. Have you got a user action record function in Login VSI? I imagine that I press magic "Record button" and finally I recieve macros scenario of recorded user action.

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06 Aug 2015 12:06 #2589 by j.volkers
Hello trmish,

We can deliver professional services which includes the creation of custom build workloads. We are working on a Workload Editor but that feature is still under development.

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