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normal Some sessions stucks and never logoff

  • trmish
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20 Aug 2015 13:25 - 20 Aug 2015 13:31 #2598 by trmish
trmish created the topic: Some sessions stucks and never logoff

I have response for Citrix VDI test stand. 20 vdi's (max in trial). And have 4 launchers which starts 5 sessions per launcher.
I have ran "office worker" test for 2880 seconds.
I have some problems:
1. Some of sessions get stucks in report or get timeout reached. I've checked debug log parametrs. Why it's happen each time I ran the tests I didn't understand.
2. One user has succesefully logged off. And others - weren't. Still freezes or stucks.
3. Can I reach VSImax parametr when my system get saturation or it's impossible with trial lic?

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20 Aug 2015 14:00 #2599 by j.volkers
j.volkers replied the topic: Some sessions stucks and never logoff
Hello trmish.

1/2. You can see if their any screenshots in the logfiles of the test. These can help you to determine at which action it gets stuck. Another tip is to run a test with only one user and see what actually happens when it's running. If you need our help you can send your log files to our support address.

3. It depends on the specification of the target environment. If the target environment is normally running 100 VMs you will not saturate the system with 20 sessions. If you really want to hit VSImax with the trial license it might be easier to test it on a RDS environment with a single machine in it.

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