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How to active sessions ?

  • LouisLeu
  • LouisLeu's Avatar Topic Author
23 Aug 2015 06:44 #2600

Hello ,

I am new for Login VSI in my first tests.
After created 4 portion of VM as below ,
VM 1: AD (VMx1)
VM 2: VSIshare (VMx1)
VM 3: Launcher (VMx1)
VM 4: Target Machine (VMx10)
Enabled Multiple RDP Sessions , set another items and so on ......
* Set Restrict Remote Desktop Services user to a single Remote Desktop Services session to Disabled.
* Setup " Unlimited Session " --> Limit number of connections : Enabled / RD Maximum Connections allowed : 999999

Then Start test , but no logon sessions and no active sessions .( Please see attached screenshot)
Any advice and suggestions?
Thank you.


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24 Aug 2015 06:42 #2601

Hello LouisLeu,

Is the usergroup LoginVSI allowed to logon the machines?
What kind of error message do you get on the launcher machine?
Can you logon manually with one of the LoginVSI accounts?

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