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normal No such host is known

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09 Sep 2015 10:47 #2611 by davematrix
davematrix created the topic: No such host is known
Dear Fellow Testers

I'm in the process of setting up a test environment where i have one W7-VDI and the LoginVSI Server in the same Network and Domain, but the launcher comming from another Network, not in the same Domain, connecting via Citrix Netscaler Gateway. I don't have name resolution of the VDI Environment when connecting to the loginvsi/VDI-network so i use host files for the loginvsi Server and DDC.

The Firewall from the "lanucher-Network" to the "VDI/LoginVSI-Network" has an any roule.
I figured out how to launch a session using the Citrix Connection Powershell Script.

So i created a new Test and try to run it.

Everything is fine at the beginning.
1. The Session Monitor is "running"
2. the launcher Agent is started is "ready" (Launcher Path: \\\Loginvsi\...\\)
3. When i hit finish i see the launcher starting up the ica Session connecting sucessfully to the Desktop.

After that i get an error on the loginvsi server see Attachement.

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17 Sep 2015 07:01 #2615 by t.willemsen
t.willemsen replied the topic: No such host is known
Hello Dave,

My apologies for the late response.

If i am correct everything works fine but this error pops up at the Management Console? The reason behind it is because the Management Console tries to resolve the hostname of the launcher. If it cant find this (probably due to the multi domain setup) it will timeout and show this error message. It does not harm your environment or test and our development team has been notified.

To avoid this issue you can download our hotfix here: upload.loginvsi.com/Support/April15/Hotfix49.zip . Let us know the results!

Again apologies for the late response.

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