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  • anthony
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21 Oct 2015 14:44 #2656

My user names are in the format
LoginVSI001 up to LoginVSI250
Is there a way to user the count increamter variable to launch all 250 sessions in one test?
Problem seems to lie with the first 99 accounts failing as LoginVSI1 to LoginVSI99 do not exist, I only see successful sessions from LoginVSI100 upwards, once it breaks into 3 digits
Thanks Anthony

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21 Oct 2015 22:17 #2657

Hello Anthony,

You can use what we call the format length. {count/3} will generate numbers at least 3 characters wide. So 001, 002.. 010, 100 and 1000. Similarly {count/5} would generate 00001, 00002, 00010, 00100, 01000 etc.

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