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normal Login VSI management console - Cannot open the AD browser

  • mulcas
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17 Nov 2015 08:14 #2673 by mulcas
mulcas created the topic: Login VSI management console - Cannot open the AD browser

I am new with Login VSI an recently just start the installation for the VDI test.

I am stuck when trying to add the Dataserver to the AD and I am getting the error message as attached.

My Dataserver is a physical server and my AD is a VM that belongs to the VDI Infrastructure (vCenter, View Composer, SQL server...). Both machines are in the same network and I already added the Dataserver to the domain and worked fine, so the Dataserver is in the domain and it can get connected to the domain.

Please advice. Thanks!


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17 Nov 2015 09:51 #2674 by j.geelen
j.geelen replied the topic: Login VSI management console - Cannot open the AD browser
Hello Mulcas,

This issue appears when you are unable to access your domain. You can test it for example with a ping to your domain.

I also notice that your maintenance and support is expired. If you can send your details to support@loginvsi.com I can get you in touch with your account manager for a renewal. If the maintenance and support is renewed our support team is happy to assist you.

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