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normal Black Screen

  • cdc182
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24 Nov 2015 10:32 #2676 by cdc182
cdc182 created the topic: Black Screen
Good morning

I am completely new to Login VSi so this may have been covered before although I cannot find anything similar searching the Forum. I am looking to perform a Load test of a XenApp 7.6 environment with 2000 users. I have built 4 Data servers and 100 Launchers in preparation and everything seems to work when I test with a low number of users (10 or 20). If I then increase the test to around 50 users or more I see all the sessions start but only around half Logon.

After some testing, I have found if I manually logon to the Launchers rather than using the Workflow, nearly all the sessions start but I still see a lot do not become active. In the Logs, there are a lot of screen shots with Black screens, nothing else.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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24 Nov 2015 11:42 - 24 Nov 2015 11:43 #2677 by j.geelen
j.geelen replied the topic: Black Screen
Hi Chris,

Please have a look at the following blogpost of my colleague:

It describes possible causes for black screens. If you can't find the cause you can always send us the raw data for this test. You can find the raw data in the VSIshare. Under _VSI_Logfiles you will find folders for every test you have ran. Please zip the entire folder corresponding to this test and send it to support@loginvsi.com.

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  • cdc182
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24 Nov 2015 12:16 #2678 by cdc182
cdc182 replied the topic: Black Screen
Many thanks for the quick reply. I have read through the article and there does not appear to be anything which could be the cause in this situation. I am ensuring there is a Max of 25 connections per Launcher as I am using ICA. No screen saver policy is in place and the entire network is in an isolated Lab environment.

I have emailed the Logs to you at the above email address.

Many thanks


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