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normal LoginVSI Logon Timer values

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19 Feb 2016 22:06 - 19 Feb 2016 22:31 #2713 by bd84
bd84 created the topic: LoginVSI Logon Timer values

I am running some LoginVSI tests on my Citrix Xendesktop 7.6 setup. I am testing in benchmark mode and am running Full clones. The VDI VMs are 64-bit Windows 7 and have installed all the required applications (Office version is Windows 2013). I did a test run which seemed to run fine and completed OK but am seeing some curious values for my logon times. During the test the sessions are getting launched fine and very quickly but the values that the logon times puts in the output value looks very high. These are some of the values I see:

2016-02-19 17:02:33,571,1,0,0,Logon,10806474
2016-02-19 17:02:37,572,1,0,0,Logon,10806271
2016-02-19 17:02:35,571,1,0,0,Logon,10806286
2016-02-19 17:02:39,574,1,0,0,Logon,5850

It looks like the 1080 value is getting appended to many sessions (majority of them) due to which my overall average logon times being reported are quite high. Also, I am reaching my VSImax at a much lower session number compared to some other tests I had done before with PVS with the same VMs.

I have seen this behavior in 2 tests now.

Any thoughts as to why the logon timer values are showing this weird behavior?

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20 Feb 2016 01:08 #2714 by j.kennedy
j.kennedy replied the topic: LoginVSI Logon Timer values
Hello, LoginVSI support will be in contact with you over e-mail!
Have a great day.

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