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normal Error: ICA content status "Unknown", failed to get ICA file content

  • tgbennett
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23 Mar 2016 19:45 #2751 by tgbennett
tgbennett created the topic: Error: ICA content status "Unknown", failed to get ICA file content
Login VSI Version: 4..1.5.115 Pro
Test system: Citrix XenDesktop, Storefront v3.1, No Netscaler
Operating system version target: Windows 7 SP1
Operating system version launcher(s): Windows 7 SP1
Office version target: Office 2013

values in <xxx> are values that have been removed for security.

the command line in the console is <VSIShare>\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\SFConnect.exe /url https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev/ /user <user name> /password <password> /domain <domain> /protocol ExplicitForms /resource "Win7XDPOCGPU"
I get the following:

[2016/03/23 15:21:26] First Phase interval: 2880
[2016/03/23 15:21:26] Starting 1 sessions in 48 minutes (Interval: 2880s)
Launching 1 sessions in 2880 second interval per active launcher 0 as initialwait and 0 Active Sessions
[2016/03/23 15:21:26] Run CCL: "<VSIShare>\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\SFConnect.exe" /url https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev/ /user VSIUser1 /password <password> /domain win /resource "Win7XDPOCGPU"
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Connecting to URL https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev/
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Got "unauthorized" response, trying to authenticate
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Getting token for https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev/resources/v2
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Getting token for https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/Authentication/auth/v1/token
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Using protocol ExplicitForms
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Authenticating user credentials
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Getting resources
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Starting ICAConnect from main dumping sLaunchICA
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev/resources/v2/Q29udHJvbGxlci5XaW43WEQgUE9DIC0gR1BVICRTOC0xMQ--/launch/ica
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Getting ICA content for selected resource
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] No service stored for URL "https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev//resources/v2", skipped Authorization header
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] Received HTTP status code "Unauthorized" with description "Unauthorized"
[2016-03-23 15:21:26] ICA content status "Unknown", failed to get ICA file content

I also manually run the command line on the launcher from a normal windows command prompt and get the same errors.

I was have a problem with authentication but resolved this by using the /domain parameter. So i know i am authenticating.
Previous issue link

I am able to launch a desktop using the Citrix Reciever from the Launcher machine with the same creds.

Any help is appreciated.


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23 Mar 2016 21:35 #2752 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Error: ICA content status "Unknown", failed to get ICA file content
Hello Tim,

Can you try removing the trailing slash from the storefront URL? Use
https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev
instead of
https://<Storefront FQDN>/Citrix/MyCloudDev/

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  • tgbennett
  • tgbennett's Avatar Topic Author
23 Mar 2016 21:36 - 23 Mar 2016 21:36 #2753 by tgbennett
tgbennett replied the topic: Error: ICA content status "Unknown", failed to get ICA file content
yep that was the problem. the trailing "/"
i've been looking for two days and am going cross-eyed.


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