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normal Response Time of CPU and I/O

  • Ahmad.Shawahna
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06 May 2016 23:43 #2798 by Ahmad.Shawahna
Ahmad.Shawahna created the topic: Response Time of CPU and I/O

I am a master student at KFUPM university and I am working on the performance evaluation of VDI environment in the university using LoginVSI tool. I have three question and hope your help in clarifying them.
The first question related to the response time of CPU. Can you clarify what it means exactly and how the LoginVSI calculate it ?
In addition, I am wondering if there is a way to provide graph for the utilization of CPU. If yes, then how I can calculate the CPU utilization ?
Finally, I need to know how the response time of I/O is calculated and why the response time of I/O stays constant while the response time of the CPU increases considerably when increasing the number of active sessions ?

I am attaching the results for the response time of CPU and I/O. Can you explain these results ?

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10 May 2016 00:44 - 10 May 2016 01:04 #2800 by j.kennedy
j.kennedy replied the topic: Response Time of CPU and I/O
(editing and resubmitting my reply as I accidentally sent it prematurely earlier)

Hello Ahmad,

It sounds like the documentation at this "Login VSI Analyzing Results" page is what you're looking for:
It goes into detail regarding "CPU" metrics that are gathered, plus, how to utilize collected "external" data as an overlay over Login VSI gathered metrics within Login VSI's Analyzer graphing. This is what would be used to collect CPU usage data for graphing over VSI's collected metrics. Basically, they can reside on the same graphs. (An example of what could be used to collect external data is VMWare's ESXTOP.)
As far as why you've noticed during testing in your infrastructure that IO remains the same whereas CPU response time will increase, at a high-level this likely infers that the IO's consumption isn't being saturated before the CPU's resources are. In other words, without delving too much into the infrastructure, the CPU might be the bottleneck before IO in your testing. Again, utilizing external data could also provide you input in this scenario.

Please let me know if you would like more information!


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