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normal Running Login VSI with Office 2016

  • rmaxwell
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08 Jul 2016 16:37 - 08 Jul 2016 19:29 #2895 by rmaxwell
rmaxwell created the topic: Running Login VSI with Office 2016
Been trying to run Login VSI with desktops configured with Office 2016.
Word keeps opening up to a "Accept" screen.

I have disabled splash screen for all Office applications.
I have updated registry with items found from blogs, mostly related to 2013.

Has anyone been able to use Office 2016 successfully in a run?


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08 Jul 2016 22:48 - 08 Jul 2016 22:49 #2896 by j.kennedy
j.kennedy replied the topic: Running Login VSI with Office 2016
Hey there,
Yes, Office 2016 has been able to be run without this issue with Login VSI testing.
What version of VSI is this? Does Office 2016 exist in the Microsoft Office version drop-down menu in the Login VSI Management Console settings?
Was the AD script run when VSI was being setup?
Was this working before with a previous version of Office, or is this an entirely new image?
Some things to try...
-Update the GPO "User Settings --> Administrative Templates --> Office 2016 --> Privacy --> Trust Center --> "Disable opt-in wizard on first run"" to enabled
-Also note some registry entries noted by the OP here:


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