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SFConnect not connecting

  • nickc
  • nickc's Avatar Topic Author
13 Jul 2016 16:40 #2899

I've sent a support email, but I thought I'd try here as well in case I'm just missing something. I am working on a POC to test storage providers and using LoginVSI to test the capactiy. I have a very simple setup; 1 XenDesktop Controller, 1 StoreFront/license server, 1 VSI server, plus a launcher (actually 25, but the other 24 have not been added to keep it simple for now).

I'm trying to launch 1 session just to make sure it's all set up OK. SFConnect just sits there saying connect to to URL and then eventually it appears to timeout. I can launch a desktop from the same machine via the IE using the same URL, but with "web" added to the storename.

I've looked at this, www.loginvsi.com/blog/335-common-citrix-...-in-a-login-vsi-test , but nothing there points at my issue. I have the same setup in Hyper-V on my Win10 machine and it works perfectly (using XenApp not XenDesktop, but still StoreFront connector) - the VSIMax there is 9 :) Anyone any ideas?




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13 Jul 2016 17:36 #2900


I see Brian has addressed your ticket in our system. The follow ups will be made there.
Thanks for reaching out.


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  • nickc
  • nickc's Avatar Topic Author
13 Jul 2016 17:48 #2901

Hi, Thanks, yes Brian has replied (very quickly). I will enable logging in the morning when I get in and send on the logs as Brian has requested.

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  • nickc
  • nickc's Avatar Topic Author
14 Jul 2016 14:44 #2902


Thanks to some input from Brian from LoginVSI, the solution to my previous post (which I can't reply to for some reason) www.loginvsi.com/forum/login-vsi-v4/1418...nnect-not-connecting - is the proxy...I tried setting the proxy on the command line and that did not work. I got the same thing; hanging at connecting, then timing out. Then I saw the /noproxy switch and that worked. I knew it would be soemthing simple...other than myself!

Thanks for the quick "fix" :)

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