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normal Stuck sessions?

  • vjason
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01 May 2013 14:40 #931 by vjason
vjason created the topic: Stuck sessions?
Any tips on hunting down the source of a large number of stuck sessions in 4.0? When testing 1000 desktops I'm seeing 200-400 stuck.

Same image as I was using for 3.7. I simply removed the apps installed by the 3.7 target setup, and ran the 4.0 target setup.

Win7x32, Office 2007, Application experience service is enabled (was not enabled with 3.7 testing; I did make that change in response to a target error message.

vSphere host and array are being run well under capacity, so it isn't anything there. I was just trying to run some smaller tests to verify it works fine before I moved on to the newer version.

I've had to go back to 3.7 for now as I have test deadlines but I hope to move back to 4.0 in a few weeks when I start a new batch of tests.

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02 May 2013 07:53 #936 by r.bijkerk
r.bijkerk replied the topic: Stuck sessions?
Hi Jason,

The best way to find the cause of the stuck sessions is to investigate the errors in the active test directory within the _VSI_Logfiles. The Debug directory contains EngineLogs, Errorshots, LauncherLogs & WorkloadLogs.

Within the Errorshots there will be two screenshots per sessions, one that will provide the VSI error message and one without.
This should provide you enough information about the cause of the stuck sessions.

Kind Regards,

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  • vjason
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06 May 2013 12:53 #957 by vjason
vjason replied the topic: Stuck sessions?

Looks like I found the issue (see below), but I won't know for sure until I move back to 4.0 and retest.


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