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Install of target software onto Windows 2003

  • aexport
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07 May 2013 07:38 - 07 May 2013 07:39 #972 by aexport
Login VSI Version: 4.0
Test system: Microsoft RDS
Operating system version target: Windows Server 2003
Operating system version launcher(s): Windows Server 2008
Office version target: Office 2007

Hello, I am having a few issues installing the target software onto Windows 2003.

Please see attached for more info.

Any suggestions ? - Thanks Rob

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07 May 2013 09:32 #973 by d.geerlings
Hello Rob,

I've created an image to correlate the warnings/errors you see in the script with the lines causing them.

As you can see the first warning is caused by trying to remove a registry key. You can safely ignore the warning if the script fails to remove the key. Since the key isn't there in the first place.

The second warning is related to trying to install the dotnet framework 3.5. There should be a workaround in there for systems that are not using the server manager (server 2003 for example). It seems that those workarounds aren't working. I'll look into that but for now you can manually install the dotnet framework if you don't already have it installed. You can find the installer for the dot net framework in the same folder as the target installer under <path to target installer>\Lib\Lib Apps\DotNet\dotnetfx35.exe

The third warning is caused by trying to add the LoginVSI group to the local Remote Desktop Users group. This allows the LoginVSI users created by the AD setup to logon to the machine. I assume you didn't run the AD setup (yet) therefor you get this warning. I suggest you use other means to make sure the users you intent to test with can log on to the (virtual) machine(s).

Let me know if you need any further help.

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