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Login VSI Analyzer displays Log files are invalid - LoginVSI Pro 4.0.1

  • msturtz
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04 Jun 2013 16:48 - 04 Jun 2013 17:04 #1068 by msturtz
Xenapp 6.5
Storefront 1.2
App to launch Notepad

Step to reproduce
Start running the Storefront with Xenapp 6.5 and launching notepad
After test complete successfully
Launch Login VSI Analyzer
Select File -> Open
In the Open File dialog select the latest log file

Expected results
The Login VSI Analyzer should successfully read the log files

Actual results
The Error "Log files are invalid"

I need this to resolved ASAP because this is blocking my testing
Than you very much for your time

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05 Jun 2013 07:49 #1070 by r.bijkerk
Hi Msturtz,

Can you zip the complete test log and send the results to support@loginvsi.com?

Kind regards,
Ryan Bijkerk

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