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Launcher is waiting for test to start

  • hpreyers
  • hpreyers's Avatar Topic Author
06 Jun 2013 13:18 #1092 by hpreyers
LoginVSI version

I have three VMs:
1) File- and webserver (Server 2008R2 - SP1)
2) Launcher machine (Server 2008R2 - SP1)
3) Citrix server (Server 2008R2 - SP1 -- XenApp6.5)

- I've done my AD setup throught the supplied script
- I changed the Office version in the workload
- I've created a test scenario for 10 with timeframe 2880 - Additional info (1 host - 2 CPU - 2 cores - no HT)
- I've followed the connection wizard:
"{VSISHARE}\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\ICAConnect\ICAConnect.exe" /server "servername" /application "application_name" /xmlport 100 /user {username} /password {password} /domain {domain}
Username: LoginVSI{Count/2} with password and domain supplied
- Start Test
- Logoff when completed succesfully: checked
- Use launcher workflow
- No use of pre and post scripts
- Session monitor status: running

In the session monitor, the current status displays - waiting for test to start
On the launcher machine I get: The are no active tests according to share - Waiting for test to start

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  • aniket
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06 Jun 2013 15:07 #1093 by aniket

When you see this screen, go back to the Launcher Workflow wizard and now the status should be "ready" instead of "waiting". If yes, click Finish and Next on subsequent screens. Then you should see the dashboard showing the status of your test.

Go to Launcher machine and check if RDP to the targets are started. This shall indicate your test has been started.

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  • hpreyers
  • hpreyers's Avatar Topic Author
07 Jun 2013 09:57 - 07 Jun 2013 10:12 #1096 by hpreyers
The "Start Test Wizard" still shows waiting.

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07 Jun 2013 13:04 #1101 by m.plettenberg
Hi Harold,

Could you check if the issue is resolved if you add the launcher by its hostname only instead of the FQDN within the Management Console ?


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  • Chuck
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11 Jun 2013 16:39 #1110 by Chuck
That fixed it for me

Thank you

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