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Same number of IOPS per desktop on all workloads

  • wojerclark
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06 Jun 2013 21:04 #1094 by wojerclark
I am seeing that all three workloads (light, medium, and heavy) are generating basically the same number of IOPS, about 7 to 9 IOPS per desktop.

What should the expected number IOPS for each workload be? I would expect each workload to be at least double the previous one. So if a light workload is 7 IOPS per desktop a medium workload should be at least 14 IOPS and a heavy workload should be at least 28 IOPS.

To work around this I need to add VDbench to the image and have it generate the additional IOPS, but this is not really a real world test. Could something be missing from the medium and heavy workload that should be generating more IOPS?

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07 Jun 2013 13:03 #1100 by m.plettenberg
Hi Wojerclark,

You are correct about the IOPS usage. The current workloads are focussed mainly on CPU/Mem. The good news is that you can change the workload to your needs with ease, adding for example some file copies for each user might just do the trick.

Also next to that we are currently working on releasing a IOPS/ storage focussed workload.

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  • darinschmitz
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25 Jul 2013 21:01 #1329 by darinschmitz
I would certainly be interested in a storage related workload. How can I get added to the "beta testers" list? Thx

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