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Some sessions in Medium workload on Xenapp fail because Acrobat timeout

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06 Jun 2013 21:31 #1095 by
Xenapp with Xenapp connector
Launcher Windows 7
Xenapp application 2008 R2 Server Desktop
Medium workload
25 Sessions, for 600 Seconds

Steps to reproduce
Direct Xenapp connections using icaconnect
Test setup with 1 launcher 25 sessions for 600 seconds

Expected results
All sessions workloads should complete successfully

Actual results
One session did timed out with Doro PDF writer and Adobe Acrobat

For more information see attached Log files and screenshots

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07 Jun 2013 13:05 #1102 by m.plettenberg
Hi Msturtz,

When you repeat the test, do you see the same issue and if yes; is this always the same user ?


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13 Jun 2013 22:20 #1141 by
It is not the same user, every time it is a different user
The light workload seem to be working correctly
The issue is with the medium workload
The automation the medium workload is driving is not very robust
We are paying for LoginVSI Pro
This is block us from running our test
We need this resolved ASAP
Thank you very much for your time

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14 Jun 2013 06:36 #1146 by m.plettenberg

I will ask a member of the support team to contact you later today to check/resolve via a gotomeeting.


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