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ICA Load Test - No active test found

  • Chuck
  • Chuck's Avatar Topic Author
11 Jun 2013 17:47 #1111


Im trying to run a load test to determine how much user my citrix server can accomodate, i was able to setup LoginVSI and ran a test on a specific Citrix box and i noticied that during the test, at some point in the session i see this error popping up :

No active test found, iniate sessions via the MMC

VSI will stop executing

I started the test via the management console the console is showing me 14 active sessions and 20 launched sessions and 0 logged off. But the Session Monitor is show 0 sessions.


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12 Jun 2013 06:27 #1115

Hi Chuck,

Probably logons are taking too long (by default +120 seconds) or the specific value you configured in the MMC > Start test wizard. Can you check what you configured and see what happens when you increase the value ?



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