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Launcher Not Launching

  • aw505
  • aw505's Avatar Topic Author
13 Jun 2013 01:14 #1130 by aw505
First time user and attempting to run Login VSI 4.0.1 against a XenApp 6.5 farm. Using the express version. I have most of the configuration/install completed but when I go to start a test, the wizard does not allow me to enter in credentials on the launcher workflow screen (options are greyed out). I can still click next, but then when the Launcher check runs it sits in 'waiting' indefinitely. Any assistance is appreciated. I assume that since I haven't been able to enter in launcher credentials for the launcher service account it obviously can not create the session with the launcher. I'm not sure why the screen is greyed out or if I've done something incorrect.

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13 Jun 2013 09:18 #1132 by m.plettenberg
Hi Aw505,

The launcher workflow is only available on Login VSI PRO therefore its greyed out. In that case what you have to do on the launcher machine is make sure that \\server\vsishare\_VSI_Binaries\Launcher\Agent.exe runs on your launcher machine. That will allow you to start a test. Also make sure sessionmonitor.exe is running.


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  • aw505
  • aw505's Avatar Topic Author
13 Jun 2013 19:54 #1138 by aw505
Thanks Mark. That did the trick. Appreciate your quick response. It would be great to add that information into the admin guide in a future release for other people, so they don't run into that. I didn't see any references in the guide/documentation about that limitation with the Express version. It was an easy fix but hard to know to do it.

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14 Jun 2013 06:31 #1144 by m.plettenberg
I will add that to the docs directly.

Thanks for your feedback

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  • pa_hansson
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28 Jun 2013 06:00 #1238 by pa_hansson

We have just upgraded from 3.7 and had the same problem. It's still not in the documentation, and really should be.

Best Regards

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