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normal Questions and issues after upgrading from v3.7 to v4.02

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19 Jun 2013 15:23 - 20 Jun 2013 14:41 #1168 by ReneB
ReneB created the topic: Questions and issues after upgrading from v3.7 to v4.02
Because based on the release notes we see a lot of functionality that was improved against v3.7, we are now trying to upgrade our test environment to v4.0. During this process we found a few issues and have some questions about functionality that we used in v3.7.

First of all we did a complete new installation for the Login VSI and AD-users according to these steps:
  • Installed v4.0
  • Create AD-users script (only changed password)
  • Run AD-users script on DC (2012)
  • Added one launcher (default configuration)
  • Added scenario (default settings)
  • Added Connection configuration for Microsoft RDP (default settings)
  • Start test (using defaults with Launcher Workload)
  • Launcher-v4 logs in locally to the launcher (to solve this, I had to specify the domain prefix in the username before starting test)
  • Launcher-v4 was not allowed Remote Connection to Launcher so added manually to the Remote Desktop Users Group on Launcher PC
  • Start test again (user logs in, but nothing happens)
  • Run the patch for updating to v4.02
  • Start test again (Launcher user logs in and agent starts, but keeps waiting for Test)
  • Stopped test
  • Removed and Added launcher
  • Start test again (Launcher user logs in, agent starts, but confirmation is needed when RDP to target starts, see screenshot)
  • After giving this confirmation (and enable "Don't prompt me again") this first test went fine :)

  1. Is it still possible to save and load test configurations (profiles in v3.7). If not then how can I switch between tests on different Targets and with different Connections
  2. If I don't want to use the Launcher Workload, how should I configure the Launcher (which files should be copied from the VSIshare)
  3. Please explain how to work with the LoginVSICmd.exe tool
  4. What is the purpose using multiple phases in a test scenario (please give me an example)?
  5. is it still possible to customize the launch settings (like interval, launch delay in v3.7)?
  6. What is the use of the Profile locations in the settings (and in VSIShare)?
  7. What is the difference between "Engine Startup" = Shell or Chained (Workload settings)?
In general it would be nice to have some more explanation (or examples) about the settings and options that are available, to determine how to use them.

  1. When creating the Launcher I would expect the Launcher-v4 to be added to the Remote Desktop Users (otherwise Launcher Workload will not work "out of the box" (and this is recommended)
  2. It is not possible to edit the launcher, only Add and Remove
  3. It is not possible to edit a Phase in a scenario, only Add and Remove (so how can i set it on pause)
  4. For Workload Launcher User Launcher-v4 should logon as domain user not local
  5. When starting LoginVSICmd.exe without parameters the help shows wrong executable name (see screenshot)
  6. From what I have seen until now, it looks the abort test is not working (after I aborted still new sessions were started by the agent)

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27 Jun 2013 15:53 #1235 by m.plettenberg
m.plettenberg replied the topic: Questions and issues after upgrading from v3.7 to v4.02
1: Not at this moment this will return soon
2: Not using the launcher workflow simply requires you to start the agent.exe yourself from the VSIshare at the launcher machine
3: LoginVSIcmd.exe -testname "Example" shoud do the trick, see:

This is to automate Login VSI in large scale testing environments where tests run day and night. Using this you can manipulate a test using CMD or PoSh
4: If you want to simulate the logon bursts like you seem them in a production environment e.g. logon a 1000 users between 09 and 10am and 500 between 10 and 11am
5: Yes no problem, can be configured in the MMC at Test setup > Scenario > Overal logon rate
6: This is to support the test profiles in a upcoming update
7: The engine on the target can either be started twice (once from logon and once from the startup) and also to run at once. The split has been made to allow for more realistic logon patterns

1: Since a launcher does not require a setup in v4 this is harder to automate, ill see how i can clearify this in the docs
2: By simply doubleclicking it the launcher object is editable
3: Phases can be edited just like launchers by a doubleclick. Switching it from the pause to the launchtype is not possible for that you can use "add" or "insert" phase
4: Yes thats recommended because of rights on the VSIshare etc
5: Development has been notified :)
6: I have created a bugreport and development has been notified

About the remark to get more examples, im happy to announce that the first howto vids will be uploaded to youtube before the end of this week.

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