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Running test after using Create Profiles fails

  • ReneB
  • ReneB's Avatar Topic Author
20 Jun 2013 09:21 #1173

After using the Create Profiles option during Start Test I cannot run a normal test anymore.
When a session is started to the Target I get the following error:

Login VSI version: 4.02
  • Used 3 launchers
  • Create TestScenario (Sessions=15, Timeframe=450)
  • Connection used RDP
  • Start Test (enable profilecreate mode)
  • Test runs fine
  • Start Test (disable profilecreate mode)
  • Test fails with error

Please help me to get running the normal test again (it worked before I used create profiles)

Kind regards,

====================== Update =====================
Problem is the value for Workload in the Global.ini (can be found in VSIShare\_VSI_LogFiles\<Testname>)
Workload=profilecreate => which should be medium

In VSILauncher.ini the value for CreateProfile=0 (so this is correct, because it is 1 when the option is enabled)

Workaround is to delete the test phase, create a new one and run the test again.


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21 Jun 2013 09:25 #1179

Hi Rene,

Thank you for reporting the error.
I will try to reproduce the error and we will update you. Eventually we could resolve this in a upcoming patch.



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