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  • aw505
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21 Jun 2013 17:39 #1189 by aw505
aw505 created the topic: Log Files Invalid
I am getting an error that 'log files are invalid' when opening up the log files after a benchmark in Login VSI 4.0.2. It also mentions that v3 log files are not readable in v4, but the log files are from v4 and I've never even used v3.x.

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26 Jun 2013 11:54 #1206 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Log Files Invalid
Hi AW,

There is no 'valid' VSIMax data available in the logs you are trying to analyze. This can happen due to a few things;

- test users are not allowed to write files to the VSIshare (NTFS permissions)
- you initiate a few test users only, VSI needs more users to measure/save the VSI Timers stack
- the active sessions are logging off to fast

Can you try to higher up the amount of ‘seconds to initiate the logoff command when the last session is launched’? You can configure this option in the Start Test Wizard (when we start a test) and let me know the outcome.
Eventually we can quickly overview your VSI environment via an online meeting (gtm). Let me know if any of these options works for you.



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