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normal Meaning of "Response time" on "Logon Timer"

  • k-mineta
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26 Jun 2013 09:36 #1202 by k-mineta
k-mineta created the topic: Meaning of "Response time" on "Logon Timer"
What does "Response time" on Logon timer actually measure?
ex:) Respinse time of copying logon script.

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26 Jun 2013 11:36 #1204 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Meaning of "Response time" on "Logon Timer"
Hi K,

Login Script timer
VSI runs from the logon script. The logon script runs fairly early in the logon process. In fact the logon script runs shortly after group policy has been applied even before Windows Explorer is started.
The login timer runs from this point (logon script) to the point that the VSI executable is started. The VSI executable is started once Windows Explorer is loaded and starts executing applications registered to start after Windows Explorer has loaded.

In short: It measures the time between the logon script running and Windows Explorer starting VSI.exe in seconds and not milliseconds.

I hope this answers your question?



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  • k-mineta
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27 Jun 2013 04:59 #1226 by k-mineta
k-mineta replied the topic: Meaning of "Response time" on "Logon Timer"
And I understand Response time "ms" is bug, and "seconds" is right.

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