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How to diagnose Stuck sessions?

  • lodani
  • lodani's Avatar Topic Author
14 Jul 2013 12:53 #1278


What's the best way to diagnose stuck sessions? I haven't found it in the documentation.

There are two debug settings in the workload settings but I'm not sure wich one relates to stuck sessions.

I'm running a 50 connection tests, 30 are stucked but in the launchers they are moving and evolving nicely.



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15 Jul 2013 07:38 #1280

When the debug option is enabled you can see this when the label is red instead of green.
The logfiles are stored within the session in %tmp%\VSI\DebugLogging.

When a session is stuck it will create two screenshots and copy the screenshots & logfiles to the share.
This routine will take 120 seconds in total including retrying to continue the workload.

debugging in settings (for Engine and Workload), (VSIShared\_VSI_Logfiles\<Testname>\Debug).


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