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normal Demo issues

  • plenau
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17 Jul 2013 20:15 #1295 by plenau
plenau created the topic: Demo issues
We are working on a demo/POC of this software with our XenApp environment. Right now we are encountering an issue when trying to run our first test. Current status (using Launcher workflow option in test setup), when attempting to start the test from the Controller we get an error message stating that the Launcher is offline or Firewalled. I verified it was not firewalled and all three servers are able to communicate with each other (same subnet, port 80 open for XML). If we do not use the Launcher workflow, the Launcher check stays in waiting phase indefinitely.

All of the online instructions are for RDP, and there doesn't seem to be very many intuitive help capabilities. Anyone have an idea of what might be causing this type of error?

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18 Jul 2013 15:12 - 18 Jul 2013 15:14 #1299 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Demo issues
Hi Plenau,

Using Launcher Workflow is really helpful when you have a batch of Launcher present (it makes life easier).
I suggest to not use the Launcher Workflow for now, until we get you up/running with the tool.

Also you are mixing two things up. You are talking about your Launcher and also your Targets.
"(same subnet, port 80 open for XML)" The Launcher are _not_ your targets, please keep that in mind.

You mentioned if you not use Launcher Workflow that the Launcher check 'always stays in waiting phase'. Few verify steps

Start a test, follow the start test wizard till the point were we need to wait for the launcher and follow step 1:

1- logon to the launcher machine manually and launch \\server\vsishare\_VSI_Binaries\launcher\agent.exe
2- make sure that the Launcher user has write/read access on the VSIshare.

The Launcher should become active now.

Please keep me posted, thanks.


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  • plenau
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18 Jul 2013 16:29 #1300 by plenau
plenau replied the topic: Demo issues
Hello Omar,

Do you have any instructions/Documentation for running a Citrix Xenapp test in LoginVSI? All of the documentation we can find on your site is for RDP test only. We are having difficulty figuring out what servers or users to call out during the test configuration. Thanks!


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