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after deleting profiles, Outlook 2010 start in Startup dialog

  • bwithaar
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24 Jul 2013 13:48 #1316 by bwithaar
Setup: Environment: loginvsi 4.0.2 and also 4.0.3, outlook 2010, windows server 2008r2.

Everything worked fine util I removed the Loginvsi_v4_??? profiles, because I wanted to run the Profilecreate* workload.
Now what happens is that for the Loginvsi users, Outlook 2010 starts up with the 'Microsoft Outlook 2010 Startup' dialog

I learned the reason for this is that there is no 'outlook' profile configured in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles

Now I am not sure where this is supposed to happen: I found that Outlook 2010 is configured by loginvsi4 via:
- Group policies VSI Computer-v4 and VSI User-v4. Only the latter one has policies for office, however only for auto archiving and some office15 parameters.
- Registry settings in %temp%\vsi\runtime, Offcice14.reg. However this does not refer to profile info.
- An Outlook.prf file %temp%\vsi\runtime -> this seems to have the missing information

Logged in as one of th users, once I apply these reg. settings, and let outlook load the profile (outlook.exe /importprf %temp%\vsi\runtime\Outlook.prf) it all starts to work.

So my question is: Where should this happen at test runtime, for example during running the Profilecreate* workload, so that my user sessions don't get stuck on outlook? This has worked before, so I am sure something got broken, perhaps a path to a utility...

thanks for your support.

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  • bwithaar
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24 Jul 2013 13:57 #1317 by bwithaar
oops pilot error: Office version got set to 2013....
(I found it looking at th workload files, where it loads the settings based on the office version...)

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