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header-03.jpg Express, script halts at first IE, only one session launches

  • witseng
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24 Jul 2013 17:12 #1320 by witseng
First time user of LoginVSI, so pardon in advance if this is user error.

Let's start with the basics:

Type of environment: Citrix XenApp
OS Launcher: MS Windows 7
OS Target: MS Server 2008 R2
Language OS Target: English (US)
Office version Target: 2010 SP1

I've modified the test setup scenario to launch 2 sessions over 576 seconds (just for the purposes of testing).

After starting the test, the launcher successfully contacts the VSIShare server and connects to the Citrix environment via a shared desktop (that, as far as I can tell, contains all Target software). It is able to complete the "prepare" section of the script, waits 5 seconds, and then launches IE, pointing to the fake BBC website in the share. At this point, it stops, and it will stay still with the fake BBC page open indefinitely (I've let it go for at least 10 minutes). I believe that, according to the "Medium" script, it should focus on the window and maximize it, but the maximize never happens.

Additionally, when the second session should launch, I do see the Citrix client pop-up its connection window, but then that pop-up disappear after only a second or two, leaving only the original desktop window. (I imagine this one may be due to my Citrix settings, which I have not yet fully delved into; if anyone's encountered this, I'll gladly take any tips or insight that may be offered.)

I've restarted the Session Monitor and deleted the Running.txt file under _VSI_Configuration\_SessionMonitorStatus, but with no success.

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25 Jul 2013 09:57 #1325 by o.bouhaj
Hi Wit,

Your test users, do they have our v4 GPO's enabled?
Looks like IE is not in Protected Mode for Intranet. Two options:
1- Make sure that our v4 GPO's are imported for the test users and enabled
our GPO's do have a few opts
2- Disable UAC on the Target(s)
in some cases disabling UAC entirely also seems to work

Let me know if this works for you. Thanks,


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  • witseng
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25 Jul 2013 15:49 #1328 by witseng
GPO turned out to be the culprit. After moving the computer accounts into the proper OUs (or, for the target device, which was already in a specific OU, simply adding the "VSI System-V4" GPO), the script started working correctly!

Additionally, the problem with only one session launching was due to my not using "{Count}" in the username field under Test Setup > Connection > Connection Details. After setting that, everything is working perfectly.

Thank you for your time! I greatly appreciate the help!

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