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normal Workload error

  • beau
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27 Jul 2013 19:47 #1333 by beau
beau created the topic: Workload error
I am trying the Login VSI Pro edition. When running workload Medium the tests gets to the loop 1, segment 3 - 32% then fails. I get a pop up message stating Window Excel 1 didnot appear. Quiting workload. VSI will stop executing.

The virtual image is XP SP3 with Office 2003 SP3. I have installed the Office Compatibility packs and ALL updates for XP and Office 2003. The image is being presented through citrix 5.6 FP1 and is a non-persistent disk created using MCS.

Can someone advise as I don't want to install Office 2010 if possible.

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31 Jul 2013 03:35 #1337 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Workload error

Have a look at the know issue list. I believe the Microsoft Office 2003 Japanese issue covers your issue as well. The known issue list can be found here: www.loginvsi.com/forum/support-v4/704-kn...ues-in-login-vsi-4-x

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