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normal Question on Test setup/connection/server

  • jgray335i
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24 Aug 2013 23:40 #1369 by jgray335i
jgray335i created the topic: Question on Test setup/connection/server
What is this server field?

The documentation I have is slightly different because it shows the RDP test, I am using citrix xendesktop w/web interface. There is another field for web interface address URL, but what is this "Server" under "Connection Details"?


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  • jgray335i
  • jgray335i's Avatar Topic Author
25 Aug 2013 02:06 #1372 by jgray335i
jgray335i replied the topic: Question on Test setup/connection/server
resolved - this appears to be n/a

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  • tksubu
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28 Aug 2013 17:34 #1384 by tksubu
tksubu replied the topic: Question on Test setup/connection/server

I am new to VDI. For me to run the login VSI tool do I need to have a VDI setup.

e.g. If I am using VMware's Horizon view

Do need to setup the VMware Horizon view in the target platform and then point the loginVSI to it?

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