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100 sessions per Login VSI Management Console with Pro license

  • victor
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05 Sep 2013 21:15 #1395 by victor
How many sessions can one Login VSI Management Console support?
Since amount of sessions from basephase is 100, I cannot increase above 100 sessions.

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05 Sep 2013 23:39 #1396 by d.geerlings

As mentioned through your support ticket,

The basephase is used to measure the performance of the environment without the user load. This way Login VSI can estimate the normal response times to calculate the baseline that is used in the VSImax results.

You configure the amount of sessions that you want to run under Test Setup > Scenario > Sessions. See page 41 of the documentation www.loginvsi.com/pdf/documentation/Login...40-Documentation.pdf

The management console does not have a limit on how many sessions it can support.

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  • victor
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06 Sep 2013 01:09 #1397 by victor
Page 41 does not say anything. It is on page 44.
I did not get result from VSImax.

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