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LoginVSI 4.04 with Office 2003 on a French XenApp 6.5

  • ThinIsFat
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10 Sep 2013 13:26 #1400 by ThinIsFat

I am trying to get LoginVSI 4.04 to work on an English XenApp 6.5 with the French MUI pack installed. I have also Office 2003 SP3 French on the system.

Login VSI Version: 4.04
Test system: XenApp 6.5
Operating system version target: Windows 2008 R2
Operating system version launcher(s): Windows 2008 R2
Office version target: Office 2003 SP3

I am using the patch and language settings provided by Omar (see attached) that I had to customize for Outlook.

I am still facing 4 issues :
1) VSINotepad hangs on the Open file dialog but this will timeout and the test will continue
2) Excel will hang and return the attached error (excelerror.jpg), causing LoginVSI test to stop
3) Printing tests are important to my tests, however the languagesettings.csv only have one Print option but in French this can be either "Imprimer" (from Office 2003) or "Impression" (from VSINotepad)
4) VSIBase seems pretty high if I compare with the values from the different demo videos I found on the website. (XenApp VM has 4 vCPU, 8Gb RAM, local SAS 10K storage). As a consequence, simulating 30 users return a bad score...

for issue number 3, I was able to workaround it by using notepad.exe and rename it vsinotepad.exe as notepad.exe use the same API as MSOffice and the Print dialog box shows "Imprimer".
But the printing will be stuck later on FreeMind which Java runtime will display a "Impression" dialogbox. I was wondering if it could be possible to add another entry in the languagesettings.csv but I could not find the proper location in the medium workload where the Freemind print operation happens.

Any thoughts ?

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16 Sep 2013 12:25 #1413 by o.bouhaj

We are currently zooming into this specific issue.

Keep you all updated

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  • ThinIsFat
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17 Sep 2013 18:39 #1416 by ThinIsFat
Thanks for the update.

Looking foward to hear back from you

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  • ThinIsFat
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26 Sep 2013 10:33 #1426 by ThinIsFat
Hi Omar,

Do you have any update to share on those issues ?



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26 Sep 2013 13:58 #1427 by d.geerlings

We are working on a solution. We'll get back to you around Friday.

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