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AutoIt Error in Line 13606

  • Apollo
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16 Sep 2013 11:23 #1411 by Apollo
I get the following error on target machine when trying to run a test:

AutoIt Error

Line 13606 (File "C:\Documents and Settings\LoginVSI\Local Settings\Temp\3\VSI\RunTime\VSI.exe"):

Error: The requeste action with this object has failed.

This happens on Windows 2003. There is no error on Windows 2012.

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  • Apollo
  • Apollo's Avatar Topic Author
19 Sep 2013 08:42 #1417 by Apollo
Compatibility List says that Login VSI can be used to test in Windows 2003, but I can't run tests on this OS.
Neither x64 nor x32.
Can You confirm that Login VSI 4.0 supports Windows 2003

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19 Sep 2013 09:10 #1418 by o.bouhaj
Hi Apollo,

Thank you for your interest in Login VSI.

I have send you an email (to the registered email address) but get no reply.
Can you please fill in the support request with your corporate email address?


Then I will approve your support as soon as possible.

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