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normal Load testing with Citrix xenapp 6.5.

  • Chakravarty
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06 Oct 2013 09:31 #1440 by Chakravarty
Chakravarty created the topic: Load testing with Citrix xenapp 6.5.
My objective is to perform load testing using LoginVSI tool, on Citrix Xenapp 6.5 server with our product installed in that machine. I downloaded loginVSI express which is a trial version. LoginVSI express access the published desktop itself and then execute pre-defined operations as per medium workload with applications like like word , excel, outlook, pdf etc. which are installed in Xenapp server.

This is different than how we access xenapp and test our product. Each individual published application is accessed and specific operations are executed manually.

If I want the same way of accessing applications and perform load testing and i would need LoginVSI Pro version.

There is a opinion among some engineers that from load factor \ performance point of view both ways of accessing applications have no much difference because ultimately its application at the server which is accessed and stressed. So if this opinion is correct then we would not need pro license and and could get load testing numbers with express ( trial version ) license.

Is this opinion correct ?

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07 Oct 2013 11:47 #1442 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Load testing with Citrix xenapp 6.5.
Hi Chakravarty,

LoginVSI does not allow/provide to benchmark 'published' applications and therefore we suggest to 'publish' these applications within a 'published' desktop and hit the same idea/concept.

So, Correct; but LIMITED to 50 Express users.

Let me know if you need more information.

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