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Missing target setup screen?

  • romatlo
  • romatlo's Avatar Topic Author
10 Oct 2013 16:02 #1446 by romatlo
Hello folks,

I am a new LoginVSI Express user and setting up with a trial license to test with XenDesktop 5.6.
I am following the excellent documentation and getting started video.

I believe I have most everything setup (although I did get a few Directory object not found messages when running AD setup script).
But LoginVSI OU, Users, Group, and GPOs were created.

I am able to start a test, login via Citrix Web Interface. However are the attached errors (3 and 4). Seems like the target setup is not mapping setting LoginVSI share?

I noticed that my setup wizard screen did not have a field option to input the VSI share UNC path, like compared to the video.
See attached pics (1 and 2).

I looking at patch for 4.0.6 release notes, but see no mention.

Any suggestions?



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10 Oct 2013 16:16 #1447 by d.geerlings
Hello Romatlo,

You have likely referred to your VSI share by its local path in the management console. The target environment (the one where your tests run) use the same path. On your data server (where the VSIshare is located) the local path works. On the target it does not as there is no content in C:\share.

Resolution: change the path to the VSIshare that you use in the management console. See the attached settings image. You can find the settings dialog by clicking on the settings button in the lower left corner of the management console. Please make sure that you refer to the VSIshare from its UNC path there, \\myserver\share\
Also make sure that the dataserver and webserver tabs are updated with the new path to the VSIshare. See the settings2 image.

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  • romatlo
  • romatlo's Avatar Topic Author
10 Oct 2013 16:58 #1448 by romatlo
Thank you for that!!! I was wondering about that during the setup, but I think I took defaults.
My test is running!

Thanks again.

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  • Michael [MSFT]
  • Michael [MSFT]'s Avatar
01 Nov 2013 21:27 #1481 by Michael [MSFT]
So was the 'VSI share path' input field removed in the Target setup wizard in 4.0.6 or not?

I am also not seeing share path asked in Target setup.
Note though that I'm running my Target setup *before* VSI datacenter setup, and my target is not domain joined at the moment.
(I need to do this because I need to prepare Target template image in advance to hand over to another team who'll deploy 1000 VDI targets from it).

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02 Nov 2013 01:09 #1482 by d.geerlings
Yes the VSIshare path was removed. It was used to set the file type association (FTA) for FreeMind. It was removed from the target setup since that was also being done by the workloads themselves.

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