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IE sessions in Launcher being reused

  • pflynn782
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16 Oct 2013 15:24 #1459 by pflynn782

Having a bit of difficulty with the launher on job initialization - it opens but only every third user seems to get a new session - it is reusing the existing ie session and stealing the existing session.

IE 8 on the launcher side - Any tips or ideas are appreciated



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16 Oct 2013 19:17 #1460 by d.geerlings

I assume you are using the Citrix Web Interface. The problem you describing is due to Internet Explorer sharing session information. For example:
User 1 logs on to the web interface and starts the whole process of logging in, starting a resource and logging off. This process takes time, let’s say 25 seconds. Lets assume the interval between VSI sessions per launcher is 10 seconds.
After user 1 is about half way through user 2 starts the process. Since users 1 is still in the process of completing the task it still has a valid session to the web interface. Since Internet Explorer knows this it will use this SAME session for user 2. User 2 will open an instance of Internet Explorer that will use user 1’s credentials. This results in user 2 not being prompted for a username/password, instead it will be logged on as user 1.

The solution? Increase the time between session per launcher. There are 2 options to do this:
- Increase the timeframe of the test. Please note that this will also effect the results. The longer the timeframe to lower the overall load on the environment.
- Increase the number of launchers. If you run 50 sessions in a timeframe of 1000 seconds using1 launcher then the time between sessions is per launcher is 20 seconds. If i run the same 50 sessions over 2 or more launchers the time between sessions on a launcher increases to 40 seconds but the overall timeframe stays the same.

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