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normal Excel published app

  • Chuck
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18 Oct 2013 13:33 #1462 by Chuck
Chuck created the topic: Excel published app

We are trying to make a simple test, we want to start 100 time excel let say, LoginVSI start excel from the published apps from the web interface fine but for some reason, as soon excel open, he close the session. On a 5 sessions test he kept 2 sessions open and he closed the 3 other.

We bought a licence of pro.

Thank you

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18 Oct 2013 13:50 #1463 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Excel published app
Hi Chuck,

Published applications are not supported. Only full desktop currently, the reason is simple Login VSI tries to start multiple applications within one run doing this with published applications would cause constant logon's and logoff on the environment and also would make it difficult for us to trace where the load is (on what server).

The only workaround is publishing Login VSI as an desktop app. This would internally start all the other apps again; making it very similar to full published desktops.

Hope this makes sense?

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  • Chuck
  • Chuck's Avatar Topic Author
18 Oct 2013 14:13 #1465 by Chuck
Chuck replied the topic: Excel published app
Ok i understand

We did actually found a way to make this possible by editing the logon command that the users call when they log on. We removed the last line of the script which is calling the VSI.exe. By removing that line, the script start the published apps and the sessions stay sticky. We might have to kill them manually when the test is done though.

I know this test doesn't give the reality but try to explain that to the ties... We will end up with 250 excel process per server and now they will think we can run 250 users on a single 2 CPU virtual server.

Thank you for the quick answer !

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