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normal LoginVSI Setup

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21 Oct 2013 11:27 #1468 by vdobhal
vdobhal created the topic: LoginVSI Setup
Is there any way, I can install the LoginVSI Management Console on a system which does not houses the VSIShare. In the setup for ver 4.0.6 I am not getting an option for that. If the file share is created on a different server and I run the setup on a different machine I do not get an option to type in the fileshare path. It only lists the shares in the current server.

In the old setup (ver 3.x) there were different setup for AD, Launcher, Analyzer, Target whereas for ver 4.0.6 I see only two setups (dataserver & target). Apart from AD I do not think of any other way to keep the components on different systems.

Pls. help me as I want to have the components installed on different systems.

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23 Oct 2013 11:49 #1469 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: LoginVSI Setup

Is there any way to only install the VSI MMC on a system that does not houses the VSIshare?

No. The idea (concept) behind the approach is fairly straightforward.
We have two setups; 1 data server setup and 2 target setup.

setup 1 will install all the components required to run a VSI test. It will install the AD-setup (prep) which is optional, the agent, the sessionmonitor, the required content, the configuration files and analyzer. As you may notice this is VSI' central place.

So, sure you can run the MMC from other machines, that still does not mean that you need to install them separated (which is also not allowed). By simple browsing to the VSIshare you can run the MMC from any other machine.

We recommend installing VSI on a (dedicated) file server. This gives the session monitor the benefit of being able to access files locally instead of over the network. While it is possible to run the session monitor remotely, we do not recommend it due to latency involved in accessing files over a network.

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